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    Valentine's Dates
    Valentine's Dates
    She's done with the dating scene. He wants a lifetime of Valentine's Dates. Brent had his chance to be Valentine's date and he blew it. But loving his best friend's little sister from afar isn't working. When she calls him in tears Brent's only choice is to come to her rescue. And now that he's got her safe in his arms he's going to make sure she stays there. It doesn't matter how much Vee tries to convince herself her feelings for Brent were destroyed years ago. He is still the first person she calls when she needs help. Breaking down in his arms wasn't part of the plan. Neither was kissing him. Forced to face their past, Brent and Vee must forgive each other - and themselves - if there's any hope for the love still burning between them.
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    Book Author
    Rhian Cahill
    Genre Romance , Fiction
    Dyslexic Edition
    Harlequin Books Australia
    Age Range
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