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    Welcome to Nowhere River
    Welcome to Nowhere River
    Full of wit and wisdom, this is an uplifting page-turner, and the perfect weekend read. Pour yourself a cup of tea, put your feet up and visit Nowhere River. We know you'll love it there.' Better Reading Long past its heyday and deep in drought, the riverside hamlet of Nowhere River is slowly fading into a ghost town. It's a place populated by those who are beholden to it, those who were born to it and those who took a wrong turn while trying to go somewhere else. City-born Carra married into Nowhere River, Lucie was brought to it by tragedy, Josie is root-bound and Florence knows nowhere else. All of them, though familiar with every inch of their tiny hometown, are as lost as the place itself. The town's social cornerstone - St Margery's Ladies' Club - launches a rescue plan that turns everything around and upside down, then shakes it until all sorts of things come floating to the surface. And none of its inhabitants will ever be the same again. This is the highly original and heartfelt story of a place where everybody knows everything, but no one really knows anyone at all. Brimming with heart and humour, this is a delightful novel that celebrates the country people and towns of Australia. 'A small town in Tasmania given the warm spotlight it deserves. Funny, sad, relatable, full of people who continue to breathe well after the last page. A beautifully nuanced read from start to finish.' Marta Dusseldorp 'Full of wit and wisdom, Welcome To Nowhere River is an uplifting page-turner, and the perfect weekend read. So why not pour yourself a cup of tea, put your feet up and visit the quirky town of Nowhere River. We promise you'll love it there.' Better Reading
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    Meg Bignell
    Genre Romance , Fiction
    Large Print 16 Pt Edition (Standard Large Print)
    Penguin Random House Australia
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