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    What Could Be Saved
    What Could Be Saved
    A harrowing tale of the lies of omission and the lies of commission that can break a family apart, What Could Be Saved is a delicious hybrid of mystery, drama, and elegance: rich with detail, lush in language and capable of keeping you on the edge of your seat.' - Jodi PicoultRich with mystery and family drama, this compelling novel delves into the extraordinary power of sibling love, rivalry and loyalty. Laura Preston is a reclusive artist at odds with her older sister Bea as their elegant, formidable mother slowly slides into dementia. When a stranger contacts Laura claiming to be her brother who disappeared forty years earlier when the family lived in Bangkok, Laura ignores Bea's warnings of a scam and flies to Thailand to see if it can be true. But meeting him in person leads to more questions than answers. Alternating between past and present as all of the secrets are revealed, What Could Be Saved is an unforgettable novel about a family shattered by loss and betrayal, and the beauty that can exist even in the midst of brokenness.'...a remarkable storyteller, juggling many characters, and the seamless alternating chapters narrated by Laura and a servant from the Preston's house in Bangkok gradually deepen the reader's understanding of the past and present. Schwarz's stellar work is riveting.' Publisher's Weekly, starred review'Exquisite and memorable writing' Lisa See, New York Times bestselling author of The Island of Sea Women
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    Liese O'Halloran Schwarz
    Genre Fiction
    Large Print 16 Pt Edition (Standard Large Print)
    Allen & Unwin Book Publishers
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