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    What Makes People Tick
    What Makes People Tick
    How to Understand Yourself and Others
    This is Australia's quiet best - selling book and practical guide to self - discovery and personal growth. In it you will discover:• Your own personality style and the style of those you live and work with• How to see yourself as others see you• The strengths, shortcomings and hidden talents of the different styles• What style is best suited to what job• How to pick another's style within 30 seconds of meeting them.• How to relate better with others• How to avoid personality clashes• How to enrich your relationshipsWhat Makes People Tick contains a unique, quick and easy - to - complete questionnaire to discover personality types as well as a Job Compatibility Indicator to pinpoint the most suitable personality type for each occupation. What Makes People Tick is 'must know' information for people who have to deal with, live with, sell to, and generally get on with other people.
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    Des Hunt
    Genre Self Help
    Large Print 16 Pt Edition (Standard Large Print)
    DoctorZed Publishing
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