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    When Grace Went Away
    When Grace Went Away
    With a deft hand, Meredith Appleyard shows us the beating - and sometimes aching - heart of rural Australia. A poignant tale with characters that linger long after the last page.' Bestselling Australian Author Tricia Stringer She's gone ... will her family pull together, or fall further apart? 'Functionally dysfunctional.' That's how financial analyst Grace Fairley describes her family in the small South Australian farming community of Miners Ridge - a family fractured by tragedy and kept that way by anger, resentment and petty jealousies. As the eldest sibling, Grace tries to keep the family in touch, but now she's accepted a promotion to the London office. Time-zones and an enormous workload mean she's forced to take a step back, although she finds time to stay in contact with Miners Ridge landscape gardener Aaron Halliday. Sarah Fairley, Grace's mother, fled Miners Ridge and her embittered husband eight years ago. Now, in the absence of Grace, she finds herself pulled back to the small town where her estranged children and grandchildren live. Drawn into the local community, and trying to rebuild family relationships, she uncovers a long-kept secret that could change her world ... Can Grace, Sarah and their family find a way to heal? Who will have the courage to make the first move?
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    Meredith Appleyard
    Genre Fiction
    Large Print 16 Pt Edition (Standard Large Print)
    HarperCollins Publishers Australia
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