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    Why Young Men
    Why Young Men
    The Dangerous Allure of Violent Movements and What We Can Do About It
    WHY YOUNG MEN is a book of ideas that offers a counterintuitive, often<br/>provocative argument for a sea change in the way we<br/>look at young men, and for how they see themselves.<br/><br/>The day after the 2015 Paris terror attacks, Jamil Jivani<br/>opened the newspaper to find that the men responsible were<br/>familiar to him. He didn't know them, but the communities<br/>they grew up in and the challenges they faced mirrored his<br/>own life.<br/><br/>So why are young men vulnerable to falling outside<br/>the reach of mainstream morals? Jivani has discovered<br/>remarkable similarities between young men who turn to<br/>violence in serach of belonging and brotherhood. Men<br/>who join violent groups-gangs, terror cells, extremist<br/>networks-as well as isolated and self-destructive young<br/>men coping with addiction or contemplating suicide.<br/><br/>Jivani's activism is rooted in his own journey from teenager<br/>considering a life of crime to lawyer and powerful speaker<br/>for the disenfranchised. Having grown up with a largely<br/>absent father in a mostly immigrant neighbourhood, he<br/>knows what it is to watch a man's future influenced by<br/>gangster culture or radical ideologies associated with Islam.<br/><br/>One thing is certain: violent ideologies thrive when enough<br/>people believe that differences of race, religion, class or<br/>neighbourhood are irreconcilable.
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