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    Wings of the Kite-Hawk
    Wings of the Kite-Hawk
    A Journey Into the Heart of Australia
    An Australian travel classic. Reminiscent of Bruce Chatwin's The Songlines, Wings of the Kite-Hawk will seduce and enthrall; it will force you out of the comfortable chair and into the wilds of the bush.<br/><br/>Wings of the Kite-Hawk is a set of linked journeys into the Australian landscape: its past and its present, its people and its half-remembered secrets. In each chapter, Nicolas Rothwell takes a precursor and follows him. His guides include famous explorers from the past - Leichhardt, Sturt, Strehlow and Giles - as well as artists, anthropologists, rodeo riders and even Hell's Angels. Vivid characters weave in and out of the story, inspiring journeys through different states of heart and mind: love, loss, friendship, fear.<br/><br/>This book, re-issued with a new introduction by renowned travel writer Pico Iyer and a new foreword by the author, is unlike any other written about inland Australia. As much fable as memoir, it resonates with strangeness and bitter-sweetness, with all the hidden patterns and suddenly revealed depths of life.<br/><br/>'If the traveller's aim is to find wonders and treasures not before our eyes, that others have overlooked, then this is truly a hidden classic.' -Pico Iyer, Introduction
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    Nicolas Rothwell
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