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    Wise Heart
    Wise Heart
    10 Strategies for Success in Business & Life
    A 10 - step formula for business success and life balance from a woman who walks the talk. With a chain of stores in every New Zealand town, a magazine, a mentoring programme, export markets, frequent public speaking engagements and high recognisability, fashion designer Annah Stretton is living proof of the statement, ''If you want something done, ask a busy woman.'' Dynamic, charismatic, driven, focussed, and unceasingly entrepreneurial, she has created a business empire from her Waikato base that is the envy of many. But it hasn't all been easy and in this candid, engaging book she shares the strategies and tools that have got her to the top and that keep her there. The book is structured around Annah's 10 tips for success. It includes lots of anecdotes from her own life and business experience to illustrate her points and to show how after she'd made the same mistake a few times she realized it was time to not make that mistake again. Wise Heart explains the values that lie behind her drive for success: if you run a business with passion, drive and heart, you will achieve your goals. Her book is a sure - fire guide for all budding entrepreneurs and business owners. It's like having your own personal mentoring session with Annah.
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    Annah Stretton
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