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    Writing About Issues
    Writing About Issues
    (Write Like a Pro)
    Issue-based writing is a way to keep track and make sense of events going on in the world. It takes a specific subject, whether it's one in the national spotlight or one in the writer's immediate surroundings, and explains that subject so that it can be better understood. The different techniques of issue-based writing can also be helpful for writing research papers and essays. By using the five Ws - who, what, where, when, and why - along with interview techniques and astute observations, a student's issue-based writing will convey clear meaning and impact. This book examines how issue-based writing can develop from the germ of an idea into a well-crafted, fully-developed, solidly-researched story that delivers interesting facts, quotes, and anecdotes. The wide range of issue-based writing is covered, including news stories, editorials, feature articles, photojournalism, and even political cartoons. Includes a chapter on digital media and the new venues and tools available to writers, including Wikipedia, blogs, vlogs, community forums, online contests and writing clubs, and collaborative digital writing.
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