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    Writing a Narrative
    Writing a Narrative
    (Write Like a Pro)
    Everyone has a story to tell, whether factual or fictitious or somewhere in between. Releasing these stories from our imagination and memories can be achieved through narrative writing. As with any creative writing, one's ability to show an event unfold through the use of interesting details is crucial. This narrative art is achieved with the use of pacing, characterization, dialogue, and action. This book examines all the elements needed to get the creative process moving, including choosing an idea, firming up the plot, and strengthening the narrative voice. Various literary techniques are explored that can enhance one's writing when combined with basic story elements. In addition, prewriting techniques, brainstorming, detail selection, ordering of events, style, dialogue, revision strategies, and proofreading and editing are all emphasized, explained, and explored. Includes a chapter on digital media and the new venues and tools available to writers, including Wikipedia, blogs, vlogs, community forums, and collaborative digital writing projects.
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    Roger Beutel
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