Pease, Allan and Barbara


    Allan and Barbara Pease are internationally renowned experts in relationships, body language and communication skills. They have written 18 Top 10 bestsellers, with ten reaching Number 1. Their books are translated into 54 languages and have sold over 27 million copies worldwide. In Australia, their most successful titles are The Definitive Book of Body Language, Why Men Don’t Listen & Women Don’t Read Maps and Why Men Don't Have a Clue & Women Need More Shoes. They appear regularly in the media around the world and their work has been the subject of nine television series, 4 stage plays and a Number 1 box-office movie. Their company, Pease International Ltd, produces videos, training courses and seminars for business and governments worldwide. They are always on the move, regularly giving seminars in 70 countries across Europe, the UK, Russia, America, and at home in Australia. Their monthly relationship column has over 20 million readers in 25 countries. Barbara and Allan live on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, and have six children and eight grandchildren. As Martial Artists, the family holds 8 rankings including 3 Brown Belts and 3 Black Belts.;

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