Coombes, Mitchell


    "Mitchell Coombes is the celebrity psychic to the stars, whose vibrant down-to-earth personality and direct approach, captivates everyone who crosses his path. People from all walks of life - including high-profile film stars, television stars and radio personalities - have sought his advice. He has appeared in print media and on numerous local and national radio and television programs, and is a regular on the Kyle and Jackie O Show, Sunrise, The Morning Show, and was featured as one of Australia's top seven psychics on the hit television series The One. Mitchell writes a column for Spell Craft magazine and regularly features in Spheres magazine. Every week over 1.3 million Australians read Mitchell's psychic column inT hat's Life magazine, and he is a regular guest speaker at the Sydney Mind Body Spirit Festival. Being a clairvoyant, clairsentient, and clairaudient psychic medium, Mitchell can see, feel and hear spirits as he relays messages - that not only validate the existence of life after death, but also provide stunningly accurate insights into the future. This year the Australian Psychics Association awarded Mitchell '2009 NSW Psychic of the Year'.Coming from a long line of gifted psychics, Mitchell is your connection to the world beyond."

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