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    Patricia Finney has been a published writer since before her first novel, A  SHADOW OF GULLS, came out when she was 18 and won the David Higham Award. She studied History at Wadham College, Oxford and acquired an American husband who became an English barrister (litigation specialist). After a variety of jobs including editing a medical journal and writing a column for the London Standard, she did freelance journalism and wrote FIREDRAKE’S EYE, the first of her Elizabethan spy trilogy. She had three children and moved with her husband to Cornwall in 1993. She began the Sir Robert Carey adventures at about the same time, but a long gap between A PLAGUE OF ANGELS and A MURDER OF CROWS was caused by a variety of distractions including children, dogs, cats, rodents, money, other books including UNICORN’S BLOOD and GLORIANA’S TORCH, and the illness and death from cancer in 2002 of her husband. Since then she has entertained herself by writing more childrens’ books, a contemporary novel and many spec screenplays, by living in Spain for two and a half years and by opening and closing a little coffee shop in Penryn, Cornwall.

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