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    Billy Green Saves the Day
    Billy Green Saves the Day
    When the War of 1812 breaks out between the British in Canada and the United States, eighteen-year-old Billy Green is an expert woodsman with romantic ideas of combat. Struggling with his father's ideals and with his attraction to Sarah, the daughterof an American sympathizer, Billy soon finds himself faced with a series of fateful decisions.Then on June 5, 1813, he spots the massive American forces camped in the tiny hamlet of Stoney Creek. Against all odds, the young man rides three hours in the middle of the night to Burlington Heights to warn the British. The Americans have already captured Fort George and destroyed Fort York. Burlington Heights is the only bastion of British forces remaining in the area, and if the Americans seize it, all of Upper Canada could fall under U.S. control.Can Billy Green help save the day? The ensuing historic battle will forever change the face of a nation and present Billy with challenges that will shake him to his very core.
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    UK£ 23.99

    Book Author
    Ben Guyatt
    Genre Children's Fiction
    Large Print 16 Pt Edition (Standard Large Print)
    Dundurn Press
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