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    Chronic Fatigue, Me and Fibromyalgia
    Chronic Fatigue, Me and Fibromyalgia
    There are thought to be over 250,000 sufferers of CFS and ME and over 1.2 million people with fibromyalgia in the UK alone. There is little practical advice available and many despair of recovery. Alison Adams helps her readers to understand their disorders and offers them a revolutionary new plan. This book is a clear, insightful, informative and sympathetic guide for sufferers and practitioners alike, from someone who discovered the information the hard way. First, it clearly identifies the primary causes of these disorders, many of which stem from medical and dental practices which are endured by the average person from infancy. Second, it states that when these factors are addressed, recovery is possible. Third, it gives clear step - by - step instructions as to what needs to be done to enable the level of healing required to recover from these conditions through diet, natural supplements and, where necessary, removal of amalgam fillings. Finally, she gives sufferers the encouragement they need most - it's not your fault, and through dedication and determination you will be able to feel normal again. The author has exceptional insight into both conventional and holistic medicine, having trained and worked in the medical profession and as a naturopath. As a former sufferer who has now fully recovered, she is in a unique position to help readers to identify the specific causes of their illnesses and to enable them to help themselves back to a life free from FRS.
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