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    Death Before Dishonour
    Death Before Dishonour
    True Stories of the Special Forces Heroes Who Fight Global Terror
    In the past thirty years, the devastating effects of international terror have forced their way into the world affairs. To counter this new threat to civilisation - and to the safety of ordinary people - a new breed of soldier was created to fight the terrorist on their own terms. Armed to the hilt with the most hi - tech weaponry the modern military world can provide, and trained to combat the enemies of the countries they serve with a breathtaking ruthless efficiency, the legend of these men is as awesome as the battles that they fight. Authoritative and nail - biting, Death Before Dishonour captures the drama, action, pain and glory of the most striking operations ever undertaken by the world's various Special Forces. For the first time ever, it reveals the truth behind their bloodiest battles, and gives top secret information about the terrifying techniques and gadgetry they employ.
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    UK£ 20.99

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    Nicholas Davies
    Genre History , Biography & Autobiography , Politics & Government
    Large Print 16 Pt Edition (Standard Large Print)
    John Blake Publishing
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