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    Frequently Asked Questions About Divorce
    Frequently Asked Questions About Divorce
    (Faq: Teen Life)
    Few life events are more traumatic or confusing to a teen than divorce within the family. The feelings of betrayal, neglect, hurt, fear, anger, resentment, loss of control and security, and divided loyalties can tear children apart and negatively affect their school work, social life, and family relationships. Acting out, depression, alcohol and drug abuse, and antisocial behavior can result if the divorce is not handled well by parents and other responsible adults. This book offers the calming, sage advice that the adults in a child's life may be too distracted or overwhelmed to provide. Above all the book reassures the reader that whatever he or she is feeling and experiencing, it is normal and understandable. Charting a survival course through the fraught waters of divorce, this book clearly signals to readers that there is a definite way forward, life does go on, and it gets much, much better.
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