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    How I Learned to Satisfy My Insatiable Hunger and Feed My Soul
    Full is the true, poignant story of one woman's spiritual journey as she recovers from anorexia, eases the emotional pain of her hunger through yoga and Buddhism, and finally becomes full. In this inspiring and captivating memoir, Kimber Simpkins captures vividly - with piercing insight, raw emotion, and often humor - the all - consuming hunger she felt on a daily basis as a result of an eating disorder. Sick of dieting and hating her body, Simpkins decides to get to the bottom of her unhappy relationship with her body. That's when she discovers the healing power of yoga and Buddhism. Along the way, Simpkins realizes her hunger isn't simply physical, but that it comes from a place deep inside her. Through the wise teachings of yoga and meditation, Simpkins discovers she doesn't have to live in a prison of self - dissatisfaction. In fact, by understanding the root of her pain and learning to love herself in body, mind, and spirit, Simpkins is able to truly set herself free. As she wrestles with her inner demons of hunger and perfectionism and learns how self - acceptance can soften even her toughest inner critic, Simpkins takes us along on her voyage of self - discovery. At its core, this book is a journey to find true self - fulfillment that will inspire readers in their own search to create a full and meaningful life.
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    Kimber Simpkins
    Genre Biography & Autobiography , Mind Body Spirit
    Large Print 16 Pt Edition (Standard Large Print)
    New Harbinger Publishing
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