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    How Men Stuff Up Relationships
    How Men Stuff Up Relationships
    ... and How Women Help them!
    Knowledge is power! If you are in a relationship, between relationships or worried you'll never find that perfect man, then this is the book for you. Within its pages you'll discover:<br/> the number one reason relationships fail<br/> how to rid yourself of fear and worry forever<br/> how to rekindle the romance<br/> how to get your male to really listen to you<br/> the ten steps you can take for a blissful relationship.<br/>So what are you waiting for? Start reading and transform your life now!<br/>This is the book that women have longed for and men have dreaded! In Patrick's signature humorous way, he takes a long hard look at modern relationships and examines why divorce rates are soaring and relationships are failing in record numbers. More importantly, he also shows women how to take action to improve their relationships and develop a long - lasting loving partnership with their man.<br/>From understanding your own Personal Criteria Selection Process (how to pick the right man for you!) to accepting that there are some things about your partner you just can't change, this book will transform how you interact with your mate and ensure that your relationship is taken to a new level of happiness and contentment.<br/>
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    Patrick McNally
    Genre Family, Health & Fitness , Self Help
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