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    How to Give Your Kids $1 Million Each, (and It Won't Cost You a Cent)
    How to Give Your Kids $1 Million Each, (and It Won't Cost You a Cent)
    The bestselling book for parents who want to provide wealth and security for their children has just got better! More than just budgeting and banking for kids, How to Give Your Kids 1Million Dollar each! Shows you exactly how to do that:<br/> All you need is 1 Dollar per day in an investment fund + 1 hour per month from when the child is born and they will have 1Million Dollar waiting for them when they are 50. This mass market revised paperback edition delivers all of Ashley Ormond's investing experience in a concise, accessible format. This is not a get rich quick book; Ormond deftly cuts through the investment hype to bring you a simple, low - cost and tax - effective method to build long - term wealth for your children.<br/>
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    Ashley Ormond
    Genre Business & Economics
    Large Print 16 Pt Edition (Standard Large Print)
    John Wiley and Sons Australia
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