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    Icebox Pies
    Icebox Pies
    Most of us think of pies as complicated, oven-baked affairs. But icebox pies are different: they're easy. There's no rolling of pastry dough the crusts are cookie crumbs, patted into the pan and quickly crisped in the oven. The fillings are either uncooked or prepared on the stovetop. The pies set in the refrigerator or freezer for a few hours before being served. And that's all there is to it. Pies this simple don't need to be reserved for special occasions. They can be made in minutes and served anytime. Icebox Pies begins with a chapter on inventive crumb crusts and ends with a chapter on luscious toppings, and in between are the delectable pies themselves. There's a chapter on indulgent mousse, pudding, and custard pies, with selections as down-home as Marshmallow Pie (it's just what it sounds like) and as refined as Toasted Almond Semi freddo Pie (made even more special with an Amaretti Crust). If you love chocolate, there's a whole chapter just for you, where you'll find Chocolate Cream Cheese Pie, Triple Chocolate Mint Pie, Black Bottom Butterscotch Pie, and more. There's also a chapter on scrumptious fruit-and-cream combinations, including Lime Cream and Strawberry Pie and Cherry and Mascarpone Cream Pie. There are plenty of ways to use ice cream, frozen yogurt, and sorbet to make the simplest icebox pies. There are lots of kid-friendly desserts in this chapter, like Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup Pie and Banana Split Ice Cream Pie (try it with the Sugar Cone Crust). But there are also some surprisingly grown-up desserts for casual entertaining. Mango and Coconut Ice Cream Pie served with rum-infused Warm Caramel Sauce is a wonderful way to end a summer dinner party. Finally, there are recipes that will make you say, ''I can't believe it's an icebox pie,'' like the Fresh Raspberry and Blueberry Pie topped with Honey Whipped Cream. Simple and satisfying for experienced bakers and beginners alike, Icebox Pies presents a whole new way to make dessert without a whole lot of work.
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