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    Jewish Ethical Values
    Jewish Ethical Values
    A Sourcebook of Classic Texts and Their Practical Uses for Our Lives
    Learn how to live life inspired by the timeless wisdom of Jewish ethical values. ''The works that comprise Jewish ethical literature are self - help manuals in the art form of life. Their primary goal is not to inform but to transform their readers…. No human emotion, no human conflict, no moral problem eludes their grasp.'' - from the Introduction. Jewish ethical literature is a genre that has been centuries in the making - and yet the wisdom and guidance offered in these classic texts has transcended the gap between ancient and medieval worlds and our own society today. With insightful commentary, passion and expertise, Rabbis Byron L. Sherwin and Seymour J. Cohen guide us through traditional texts with clear explanations of the historic context of each writing and thoughtful applications of their wisdom on the problems we grapple with today. Explore some of the most influential Jewish ethical texts, including: The Zohar, the cornerstone text of Kabbalah. The Holy Letter, the first book of its time to apply Kabbalistic ideas to marriage, holiness and sexual relations. The Path of the Upright by Moshe Hayyim Luzzatto. Duties of the Heart by Bahya ibn Pakudah. Nahmanides' Commentary on the Torah.
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    Byron L. Sherwin and Seymour J. Cohen
    Genre Jewish , Religion & Beliefs
    Large Print 16 Pt Edition (Standard Large Print)
    Jewish Lights Publishing
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