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    Lift Your Mood With Power Foods
    Lift Your Mood With Power Foods
    More than 150 healthy foods and recipes to change the way you think and feel
    Have you ever longed for a way to overcome anxiety, tension, mood swings and fatigue without having to make dramatic changes to your lifestyle? If so, this enlightening book presents the simple but profound solution: what we eat can dramatically affect how we think and how we feel. Featuring the most up-to-date nutritional science, each chapter of this life-enhancing guide is carefully devised to combine comprehensive, accessible information with practical advice on which foods to eat for optimum health and vitality. Discover why the body's fluctuating blood-sugar levels lead to dramatic mood-swings; why certain nutrient and fat deficits can cause reduced cognitive function, poor concentration and even memory loss; and why eating foods that result in poor digestion can trigger anxiety and fatigue. Understand how ailments and conditions such as seasonal affective disorder (SAD), PMS, depression and sleeplessness can be overcome simply and effectively through improvements in our diet. Each condition mentioned is fully cross-referenced to more than 80 easy-to-follow recipes, specially commissioned for their high nutrient values. Nothing in this book demands dramatic changes to lifestyle. Instead, it shows that through better understanding of the connections between what we eat and how we feel, and through simple but highly effective modifications to our diet, we can follow eating patterns that have profound and long-lasting effects on our mind and mood.
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    Christine Bailey
    Genre Cooking, Food & Drink
    Large Print 16 Pt Edition (Standard Large Print)
    Watkins Publishing
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