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    You arrive as if for a performance dressed in something long and diaphanous and patterned with leaves. I look at you sitting at a piano on an island in a field and while some of us file inside to the sound of a bell, you play to an audience of windows. Landscapes are created and figures emerge from those landscapes to inhabit them. The poems I write are to be dropped into one's consciousness like 'breathing' organisms. They are meant to grow from inside and surface gradually. The life-force of the poems - the images, impressions, the archetypal moments - are left to sink even deeper into the unconsciousness. Each poem has its own theme, meaning, relevancy for being. Each needs to be approached as one would approach a window - not to look out of and see the rotations of life, but to look in, as if one were peering into new spatial worlds. Once read, I would want the reader to walk away and reflect on a poem, then I would expect them to return for more. As a collection, each poem is a story. Whenever I read them, I stand at the window too. I stare in and continue to see new things that weren't there before. The landscape keeps changing. Hopefully the reader will feel 'a definite sense of place in every poem, even when positions shift and people transform'.
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    Iain Britton
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