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    Listen to the Mockingbird
    Listen to the Mockingbird
    It's 1861 in New Mexico Territory, and the Civil War is about to have a startling impact on Matty Summerhayes. Matty is struggling to develop a horse ranch to make enough money to return to the East. A stranger dies in her barn ... with a map of her land in his pocket. Then war is declared, and Texans invade her valley for the Confederacy. Rumors begin to fly about a lost gold mine and soon someone is trying to run her off her ranch. Then her closest friend Winona - a one-time slave who is now nearing childbirth - is about to be stoned for practicing voodoo, and only Matty's creative quick thinking can save her. But when Matty's greatest secret is exposed, she must find a killer or lose her ranch. Praise for Listen to the Mockingbird ''Matty's word-pictures and unorthodox civil disobedience will hold your attention until the last page.'' - Southwest Book Reviews ''...vividly recreates the dangers of life in New Mexico Territory during the Civil War, and one woman's triumph over adversity.'' - Timeless Tales ''From authentic sounding dialogue to historical accuracy ... an unforgettable treat.''
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    UK£ 20.99

    Book Author
    Penny Rudolph
    Genre Crime & Thrillers , Fiction
    Large Print 16 Pt Edition (Standard Large Print)
    Poisoned Pen Press
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