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    Low-Cholesterol Cookbook for Dummies®
    Low-Cholesterol Cookbook for Dummies®
    The first place to start in controlling cholesterol and lowering your risk of heart disease is in your lifestyle, in particular, changing and improving on what you eat. Sound hard? Don't despair. My advice is easy to swallow, as I'm sure you'll find when you sample the recipes in this book. Good nutrition is still the foundation of health. Nutrients in food go to work in amazing ways, on the cellular and molecular level, to restore normal body function. The vitamins and minerals in the foods I tell you about in this book help your body lower the bad cholesterol, raise the good kind, and protect your arteries from damage. And that's just the beginning of the long list of everything they do. Of course, you've already taken the right first step in deciding to pick up this cookbook. Getting healthier starts in the kitchen! Throughout this book, the dishes I've developed for you are geared to the needs of someone with cholesterol that's moderately elevated. You may have special needs and concerns that will require adjustments to the recipes. Work with your doctor or other health professional to tailor your diet as required. You may also need medication to treat your condition. But again, that's a matter between you and your doctor.
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    Molly Siple,MS
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