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    Making the Connection Between Brain and Behavior
    Making the Connection Between Brain and Behavior
    Coping with Parkinson's Disease
    ""Parkinson's disease (PD) is a chronic and progressive disease that affects as many as one million people in the United States alone. Although many patients and families are aware of the physical challenges that accompany Parkinson s disease, few are prepared to deal with the common behavioral issues that impact their quality of life. Behavior problems in PD are not always catastrophic, but they are common. It is estimated that 65-90% of PD patients experience some level of depression, anxiety, dementia, hallucinations, paranoid delusions, sleep disorders, and other behavioral disorders that affect everyone involved. Written in easy-to-read language, Making the Connection Between Brain and Behavior is the only book that focuses entirely on an area that many doctors overlook, an area that often causes the most problems and can be the most treatable. The self-contained chapters will help readers understand, address, and cope with common behavioral issues, as well as provide guidance on ways to communicate with the healthcare team.
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