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    Mastering Incoming Sales Calls
    Mastering Incoming Sales Calls
    How to become a Phone Master
    Every time someone calls a business they have chosen that organisation as a possible supplier of something they want. Each incoming call is not just a possible customer, but a probable customer. They are a hot opportunity that has come knocking at the door, and are the most likely buyers any business will encounter. Converting them into sales can be easy, but only if you manage the calls properly! There are many books on outgoing telephone sales calls, but ones specifically with incoming calls are few and far between. There are books on customer service, on phone etiquette, on using the phone as a work tool, but writers haven’t hitherto treated incoming sales calls with the respect they deserve. This book focuses on dealing with incoming calls, and dealing with them in a way that will allow business owners, managers and sales staff to get face-to-face opportunities to sell their products. It shows why you need to get face-to-face to sell, and how to get face-to-face from an incoming telephone sales enquiry. It’s a practical book, including step-by-step examples and case studies to show exactly how to become a ‘Phone Master’. The reader will be able to create and follow presentations, and see why up to 96% of the top salespeople in the world use a planned presentation when using the telephone. The book shows why and how to develop a custom-made program, how to use words to build trust, how to lead the caller to a face-to-face opportunity, and how to overcome objections.
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