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    Real World 101
    Real World 101
    A Survival Guide to Life After High School
    Congratulations, graduate! You did it! You're finally out on your own. But as you walk off the stage and into the Real World, you're going to need more than a diploma to survive. Suddenly, for the first time, you're facing questions like... How do I get a job? What do I do with all this laundry? What's a ''major'' - and how do I pick one? How do I go grocery shopping? And what's for dinner? What's a budget, anyway - and do I need one? How do I set up a bank account? Where should I live? Don't panic, help is on the way! Author Autumn McAlpin gives you the common - sense advice and reassurance you'll need to tackle just about any challenge with style, grace, and enough humor to make the whole thing fun. From cap and gown to total independence, Real World 101 is the only graduate guide you'll ever need!
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    Book Author
    Autumn McAlpin
    Genre Self Help
    Dyslexic Edition
    Gibbs Smith Publisher
    Age Range
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