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    Rising from the Shadows
    Rising from the Shadows
    Revolution, War and The Journey that Made Me
    Every politician, every soldier, every doctor, every social worker, every refugee, every school child….actually, every Australian needs to read this book.' - Dr Charlie Teo. Saeed gives a compelling account of his life through revolution and war, love, camaraderie, immigration, the hardships and sacrifices which stretch far back into his past, like footprints on his long and extraordinary journey. After the 1979 Revolution in Iran, as a young political activist campaigning for freedom and democracy, he was hunted mercilessly by the militia and the Islamic Regime. Unable to complete his schooling, his months in exile exposed him to an education of a different kind. Ultimately though, it was his experience of war which irrevocably changed him as a man. Enlisted to fight in a war he did not believe in, for a government he opposed, the horror and shock of active military service burned away the last vestiges of youthful naievety. Saeed's ambitions in his home country were blocked at every turn on ideological grounds. Despite the odds, he eventually completed his tertiary education and went on to become a competent engineer in Iran, but his past political involvement continued to undermine his career prospects. Disillusioned with the injustices at home, he turned his attention outward and finally migrated to Australia. This engrossing story is also full of brilliant moments of insight into the complex psychological traumas in his dealing with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder born from the death of a friend and harsh realities of war. He reveals his astonishing courage to face and eventually overcome the cruel demons of war which had plunged him into a world of shadows. An account that enchants and inspires. Saeed has presented his views on national television as well as publishing articles which provide a candid and poignant insight into the contemporary political and social issues which confront ordinary Australians....ordinary people in an extraordinary country we all call home.
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    Saeed Fassaie
    Genre Biography & Autobiography
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    Richmond Ventures
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