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    Saint Michael the Archangel
    Saint Michael the Archangel
    Devotion, Prayers & Living Wisdom
    Who is the Archangel Michael? Never unkind, but not always gentle, he embodies the essence of the ''spiritual warrior'' - courageous and strong in the face of injustice or illusion, a ceaseless devotee of truth. Saint Michael offers you the hand of this protective force through a collection of prayers, scripture, contemplations, and stories that span the ages and traditions in which this legendary figure has appeared. The name Michael means ''who is like God.'' By invoking Michael's power, we invite into our own lives the divine energy to lift us past obstacles. Saint Michael gives you a devotional treasure for calling on this archangel for protection in times of danger, for strength in taking action for the greater good, for compassion in defense of the innocent, and for grace as we embark on the journey that awaits at the end of our lives. THE ARCHANGEL appears in spiritual traditions across the globe, from Judaism to Christianity to Islam. His roles include the guardian angel of the children of Israel, the patron saint of warriors, and the transporter of souls.
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