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    Saving Civility
    Saving Civility
    52 Ways to Tame Rude, Crude & Attitude for a Polite Planet
    Is bad behavior the new normal?<br/>How do we change it?<br/>''Each of us has the power to make the planet a more hospitable, pleasant, caring, and safe place to live.... It starts with respecting others and recognizing their right to be here. Saving Civility is about how we contribute to society and work together - locally and globally - with greater respect, awareness, understanding, and acceptance of one another. A polite planet embodies a worldview of a civilized society - one that is enlightened and empathetic.''<br/> - from the Introduction<br/>Cyberbullying, hostile and polarizing political infighting, and tasteless and tactless behavior may be on the rise, but it doesn't have to be this way. Sara Hacala, a certified etiquette and protocol consultant, offers a definitive look at what civility means and how it can change the nature of everyday interaction. She goes beyond a superficial discussion of proper manners to present civility as a mind - set that encompasses values and attitudes that help you embrace your connec - tions to others and repair society. Tapping the wisdom of ancient spiritual luminaries as well as the latest social science research, she provides fifty - two practical ways you can reverse the course of incivility and make the world a more enriching, pleasant place to live.<br/>
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