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    Secrets of the Eternal Moon Phase Goddesses
    Secrets of the Eternal Moon Phase Goddesses
    Meditations on Desire, Relationships and the Art of Being Broke
    Wholeness is limiting? - ?possibilities emerge when you're in pieces. '' Difficult times in our lives can break up our story of ourselves and reveal colors we didn't know were there, like our resilience, our compassion, or some great desire that has thus far never been fulfilled. Suddenly we realize how oppressive it is to have to be whole all the time. When we learn to snuggle up with the experience of brokenness, we are able to face our fears.'' Meet the goddess Akhilandesvari, whose name means ''She Who Is Never Not Broken.'' Through her you will learn about the secret empowerment of feeling totally broken down, because this is the moment you get to choose how to put yourself back together. Then, through the Eternal Moon Phase Goddesses - as well as modern research into psychology and sociology, and nightly meditation and journaling practices - you will explore: • the spirituality of desire • the vulnerability of intimacy • • the possibilities of healing from trauma within intimate relationships • • the anxiety of instinct • and more … Part Tantric teachers, part self - help coaches, these goddesses will encourage you to embrace the full spectrum of human experience - from beauty and success to ugliness and adversity - and better understand who you already are.
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