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    Splatter Capital
    Splatter Capital
    The Political Economy of Gore Films
    Argues that the ''''''''splatter'''''''' genre of horror movies are more than just 'video nasties'''''''' and should be looked at in light of their politically subversive content. Will be of interest to fans of 70s and 80s horror movies (and sub-genres like 'splatter', 'slasher' & 'gore') and anyone interested in political takes on film and culture. Marketing plans include social media campaign utilising clips & stills from key films, academic marketing to cultural/film studies departments, author essays and extracts in key publications and tie in screenings & events. Synopsis: Splatter Capital argues that the emphatically messy brand of horror mobilized in gore films is extremely responsive to the internal contradictions that threaten the future sustainability of capitalist accumulation. Splatter Capital sheds light on the revolutionary potential of cinema and how it reflects, even and especially in its margins, the economic and political fears of its day. In doing so it acts as a source of both theoretical and practical knowledge for surviving the horror movie we collectively inhabit.
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    Mark Steven
    Genre Politics & Government
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