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    The Blind Strategist
    The Blind Strategist
    John Boyd and the American Art of War
    From the acclaimed author of Panzer Commander Hermann Balck and False Flags comes an in-depth, critical evaluation of the maneuver warfare revolution that has transformed the American military.<br/> <br/>Colonel John Boyd, a maverick fighter pilot, revolutionized the American art of war through his ideas on conflict and the human mind. Boyd claimed that victory is won by the side which transitions through 'decision cycles' faster than the enemy, mentally checkmating them with minimal violence. Maneuver warfare concepts became military doctrine during the 1980s but this revolution accidently undermined American security.<br/> <br/>When formulating his theories on conflict, Boyd relied upon fraudulent accounts of WWII written by Wehrmacht veterans who fabricated historical evidence to disassociate their reputations from Germany's defeat and cover up their willing participation in Nazi war crimes. Boyd fell for this deception and unknowingly injected dangerous misinformation into the American military mind. Maneuver warfare has accordingly corrupted the art of war and resulted in catastrophic decisions made in Iraq and Afghanistan during 21st century conflict.<br/><br/>The Blind Strategist separates fact from fantasy and exposes the myths of maneuver warfare through a detailed evidence-based investigation. A must-read for anybody interested in American military history.
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