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    The Expectant Parents' Companion
    The Expectant Parents' Companion
    The number of '' must - have'' baby products has exploded in recent years, spawning a whole category of baby - gear guides targeting new parents. The Expectant Parents' Companion goes beyond these product guides and helps moms - and dads - to - be prioritize all of the practical things they need to do to prepare for baby's arrival and decide for themselves which baby products will help make their first year with a new baby easier and simpler. In her trademark reassuring tone that emphasizes simplicity and practicality, Kathleen Huggins offers advice on which items to buy, which to borrow, and which are not worth getting, plus guidance on what parents can do to create a safe and comfortable environment for baby. There are chapters on preparing for the baby's birth (including choosing a childbirth class, creating a birth plan, preparing for labor, and choosing a pediatrician), feeding, nurseries and sleeping arrangements, clothing, diapering, daytime gear, traveling with baby, baby proofing the home, and other safety measures. The book also provides guidance on choosing a day care provider, plus checklists for pregnancy and the early months with baby, a recommended reading list for new parents, and more. With 25 years of experience working with pregnant women, new moms, and newborns, Huggins is uniquely qualified to guide expectant parents through these often confusing and sometimes overwhelming decisions. The Expectant Parents' Companion will affirm many parents' instincts that they do not need as many baby products as marketers (or even well - meaning friends and relatives) suggest. It's the only book parents - to - be will need to navigate the dizzying array of products and choices available!
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