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    The Falcon Killer
    The Falcon Killer
    <b>Enjoy this gripping and gritty tale.</b> China's war ace, a fighter pilot nicknamed ''The Falcon Killer ( <i>Tzun Kai</i> ),'' is actually Bill Gaylord, raised in Peking by his American parents. Gaylord lost both of them as a child during the violent Boxer uprising and then saw his foster family slaughtered in wartime. With a past that's hardened his soul and given him nerves of steel, Gaylord has used his resolve to down more Japanese aircraft than can be counted.When he's not hunting down enemy planes, intrigue constantly follows him - stars of <i>Tzun's</i> rogues gallery include an <i>agent provocateur</i> and a despotic Chinese warlord. Soon enough, events pit Gaylord against a Japanese spy who has caused untold trouble for the Chinese. Gaylord must somehow find and defeat him or risk losing an ancient Chinese kingdom to the land of the rising sun. <b><i>''Hubbard writes with his usual gusto ('Wings in the sky had passed their shadows over the land to drop their acrid death'), and Gaylord is a typical Hubbard hero, tough and wily but also introspective and romantic.''</i></b> - Booklist
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    UK£ 17.99

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    L. Ron Hubbard
    Genre Action & Adventure , Crime & Thrillers , Fiction
    Large Print 16 Pt Edition (Standard Large Print)
    Galaxy Press
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