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    The Guru Question
    The Guru Question
    The Perils and Rewards of Choosing a Spiritual Teacher
    The spiritual journey is perhaps the most personal experience of our lives - but does that mean we have to go it alone? With The Guru Question, award-winning author Mariana Caplan brings you a unique and much-needed guide for deciding whether you need a dedicated mentor to help illuminate your path to awakening - and if so, how to navigate the deep complexities of the guru-disciple relationship. For those seeking a teacher worthy of their trust and devotion, or anyone who has been frustrated by their experiences with a spiritual teacher, Caplan offers candid, practical, and daringly personal examination of the student-teacher dynamic, including: Are you ready to be a student? If and when you should consider making a commitment to a spiritual teacherThe path of the conscious learner - how to retain your power and autonomy while accepting a mentor's authority Tips for the wounded seeker - the valuable lessons we learn from our encounters with false teachersSpiritual scandals and predatory gurus - guidance for avoiding the inherent pitfalls in the student-teacher relationshipHow to recognize the inner light of divinity as it manifests in the imperfect human guise of your teacher - and yourselfIn a time when a distrust of authority has been proven to be a healthy trait, we tend to be justifiably suspicious of those who present themselves as gurus and spiritual masters. Drawing upon her knowledge as both a scholar of mysticism and lifelong practitioner of spiritual traditions, Mariana Caplan helps readers develop the discernment that is crucial when seeking an authentic teacher - and reveals the immeasurable rewards that can come from having a trustworthy guide on the spiritual path.
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