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    The Power to Prevent Suicide
    The Power to Prevent Suicide
    A Guide for Teens Helping Teens
    'I just don't want to live anymore.'' Those can be scary words to hear from a friend. But what your friend really means is: ''I want help from someone to feel good about living.'' You can be that someone - and this book tells you how. The Power to Prevent Suicide. A Guide for Teens Helping Teens When teens were asked, ''Who would you tell about wanting to commit suicide?'' 90 percent said they would tell a friend first. The Power to Prevent Suicide shows how young people like you can be a friend who cares and knows what to do. In this book, you'll learn: Why someone might want to die? What you need to know about suicide and suicidal people? How to recognize the warning signs of a person who's suicidal? How to reach out to a friend in danger?, How to get help for someone who's suicidal? How to help yourself when you're feeling depressed or overwhelmed? How to get your school and community involved in teen suicide prevention Praise for the original edition of The Power to Prevent Suicide.
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    Richard E. Nelson,
    Genre Young Adult Non-Fiction
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    Free Spirit Publishing
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