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    The Secret History of the Gnostics
    The Secret History of the Gnostics
    Their Scriptures, beliefs and traditions
    The book is unique in its scope and in the combination of a sympathetic approach to the Gnostics with accurate scholarship and clear explanation of the issues • Recent introductions to Gnosticism have either concentrated on the Nag Hammadi texts or have defined the subject in loose terms, whereas Andrew Phillip Smith provides a much larger selection of texts and a much more comprehensive overview and understanding of the subject. The book covers: - The beliefs and spiritual practices of the ancient Gnostics - The current revival of Gnosticism and the influence of the Gnostics on contemporary writers - The dramatic discoveries of the Gnostic gospels, including the Gospel of Judas - lost for fifteen centuries.
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    Andrew Philip Smith
    Genre Religion & Beliefs
    Large Print 16 Pt Edition (Standard Large Print)
    Watkins Publishing
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