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    The Teachings for Victory, vol. 3
    The Teachings for Victory, vol. 3
    Nichiren Daishonin's writings provide a practical formula forenabling all people to achieve victory in every aspect of their livesand attain an unshakable state of happiness.This volume of Learning from Nichiren's Writings: The Teachingsfor Victory contains SGI President Daisaku Ikeda's lectureson nine of Nichiren's letters:''On the Offering of a Mud Pie'' ''A Father Takes Faith'' ''How Those Initially Aspiring to the Way CanAttain Buddhahood through the Lotus Sutra'' ''Letter to the Lay Priest Nakaoki'' ''Letter to Konichi-bo'' ''The Good Medicine for All Ills'' ''The Four Debts of Gratitude'' ''On the Treasure Tower'' ''Letter from Teradomari''President Ikeda elucidates the importance of studying Nichiren's writingsas the foundation of Nichiren Buddhism as practiced by the Soka GakkaiInternational. His lectures bring Nichiren's immense wisdom, compassion,and courage into focus for the present age. In reading and studying theselectures, we learn how to apply in daily life Nichiren's profound philosophyfor inner transformation and victory for both ourselves and others. The Teachings for Victory will empower you to develop the strength andwisdom to bring forth your inherent potential.
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    Daisaku Ikeda
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    Dyslexic Edition
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