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    We Only Want What's Best
    We Only Want What's Best
    A long-haul flight. Two ambitious dance mums. A child in danger.
    A long-haul flight. Two ambitious dance mums. A child in danger. Bridget and Simone aren't friends, but their daughters are in the same dance troupe: Expressions. They're flying to Los Angeles together so the girls can perform at Disneyland. Simone's daughter, Zahra, is the leader of the troupe, while Bridget's daughter, Becky, is a talent on the rise. An unexpected upgrade sees Bridget moved to business class and seated with Simone and her husband, Glen. Despite feeling out of her depth, Bridget is pleased to find that she and Simone share a lot in common, and the flight goes smoothly. That is until Bridget discovers shocking images of Zahra and other Expressions dancers on an old USB. A fierce examination of their dance world ensues. Tensions rise, and there's no way for anyone to escape. For two very different families, what unfolds over the course of the flight will shock and threaten to destroy them.
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    UK£ 29.99

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    Carolyn Swindell
    Genre Fiction
    Large Print 16 Pt Edition (Standard Large Print)
    Affirm Press
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