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    What To Do When There's Too Much To Do
    What To Do When There's Too Much To Do
    Reduce Tasks, Increase Results, and Save 90 a Minutes Day
    Are you tired of productivity consultants - or worse, your boss - pushing you to do more with less? You're in luck. Laura Stack knows your to - do list is already packed to capacity, so she shows you how to accomplish more by doing less. Yes, you read that right. Stack's innovative time - management system lets you work less and achieve more. Following Stack's step - by - step Productivity Workflow Formula, you'll organize your life around the tasks that really matter and - this is crucial - let go of those that don't. Dozens of practical strategies will help you reduce your commitments, distractions, interruptions, and inefficiencies. You'll shrink your to - do list and save time - around ninety minutes a day - while skyrocketing your results and maintaining your sanity.
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    Laura Stack
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