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    What Would Buddha Say?
    What Would Buddha Say?
    1,501 Right-Speech Teachings for Communicating Mindfully
    Weve all said things we lived to regret. But what if we communicated mindfully instead, stopping first to consider how our words might hurt rather than help - or if we need to voice them at all? In What Would Buddha Say?, best - selling author Barbara Ann Kipfer offers 1,501 reminders for staying on the path of positive communication. Based on ancient Buddhist teachings, this portable guide will provide inspiration and tips on how to speak clearly, truthfully, and with lovingkindness. In our modern world, it seems were always in a hurry - usually running on autopilot, and all too quick to make that comment or send that message. But when we communicate without first considering the impact it may have - especially if its idle gossip or false speech - we can create unnecessary conflicts and far - reaching negative consequences. With poor communication at the heart of most misunderstandings and arguments, learning to practice mindful communication, including good listening skills, is key to speaking - or not speaking - with better results in every area of your life. In What Would Buddha Say?, youll find hundreds of instantly accessible and compulsively readable communication tips on giving thoughtful attention to your words so youre more likely to be understood, and less likely to damage your relationships. Based on the concept of Right Speech, an important element of Buddhisms Noble Eightfold Path, these mindful essentials - inspirational quotes and sayings, short essays, and meditation suggestions - will guide you away from harmful speech and into a state of mindfulness from which you can gently speak your truth. There is always room for improvement in terms of communication, and with practice, we can learn to speak mindfully - to say only what is beneficial and true with a kind heart at the right time. Packed with Buddhist wisdom and full of inspiration, What Would Buddha Say? will help you maximize the good in your speech as you take steps toward a more peaceful way of being.
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