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    Why Wait to Be Great?
    Why Wait to Be Great?
    It's Either Now or Too Late
    Discover Your Super Power! We all want to change something about ourselves: lose weight, quit smoking, improve our finances, and so on. But change is hard, even painful, and it's our nature to avoid pain. In this inspiring how - to guide, Terry Hawkins provides exactly what we need: a straightforward way to break free of old habits that hold us back and adopt new ones that move us forward. It's a process Hawkins herself used to rise above poverty, abuse, and serious health problems. Two fictional characters - Pitman and Flipman - demonstrate two possible ways of being. As Pitman, we're trapped in the Pit of Misery, chained to our past, a helpless victim of circumstance. As the superhero Flipman, we are powerful, courageous, loved, successful, and able to flip negative thoughts and habits into positive ones. Hawkins illustrates precisely what feelings, thoughts, and behaviors send us to the pit and provides a detailed action plan for getting out of it. This wonderfully human and honest book will help you create the life you want once and for all. ''Terry Hawkins is a positive force of nature. Let her enthusiasm and optimistic approach to life's challenges rub off on you as you turn the pages. You'll be a better person for having read this book.'' - Ken Blanchard, coauthor of The One Minute Manager and Great Leaders Grow. ''I was about to take antidepressants to stop my spiral downward - then I was handed Why Wait to Be Great? I feel so empowered. It was like it was written just for me and everything I was going through.'' - Ishbel MacConnachie, Director of Studies, GoodStart Training College. ''Possibly the best book I have read on overcoming depression, lethargy, negative self - talk, and more. Every high school student should be given a copy when he or she leaves school - skills for life.'' - Vivien Wornell, Social Worker/Counselor, St. George Private Hospital
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    Terry Hawkins
    Genre Self Help
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    Berrett-Koehler Publishers
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