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    Jackie McKay has been awarded a grant to complete a study in the serene wilderness of the North Island of New Zealand. The serenity of life in the bush is shattered, however, when Ethan steps into her life and rescues her from drowning. This is not the first time Ethan has stepped into her life though - he was a student from her teaching past and that isn't all the history that Ethan reminds her of. The story follows Jackie's personal development throughout her study break, as she becomes one of a small community of locals, each of whom also have a history to confront. Between the people she meets, the troubles of new love and the looming shadow of Mac, Jackie has to come to terms with not only what is important for her daughter, but what she herself needs to move forward in life and love.
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    UK£ 19.99

    Book Author
    Kathy Sutcliffe
    Genre Romance , Family, Health & Fitness , Fiction
    Large Print 16 Pt Edition (Standard Large Print)
    Interactive Publications Pty Ltd
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