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    YSM Body Bible: A Mum's guide to health, fitness and positive living
    YSM Body Bible: A Mum's guide to health, fitness and positive living
    Now you can have your best body - ever! YSM Body Bible is a complete fitness guide for today's busy wife and mother.Written with the assistance of international figure champion and personal trainer Kelli Johnson, and endorsed by Terri Irwin, YSM Body Bible is the book today's busy mothers have been waiting for. Using the latest research findings on women's health and fitness, it is a holistic look at the body and includes detailed diet and exercise advice and programs, written in Jodie Hedley-Ward's simple and direct style, popularised in the successful You Sexy Mother series.The book also emphasises mental attitude and offers motivational advice on overcoming negative self-talk and limiting beliefs, as well as strategies on how to set oneself up for success. The detailed nutritional and exercise training programs in the book have been thoroughly tested and approved by experts, and have been devised especially with mothers in mind. This holistic program includes significant health and wellbeing contributions from Australasia's leading pelvic floor specialist, Mary O'Dwyer, and acclaimed clinical psychologist Dr Angela Huntsman this is vital information every mother needs to know! The author, a busy mother of two, uses herself as a guinea pig in the book to illustrate how the programs can work. YSM Body Bible is illustrated with photographs showing Jodie's amazing results.
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