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    Younger Today
    Younger Today
    The Cell Solution to Youthful Aging and Improved Health
    'With this eye-opening book in hand, readers will learn to forget everything they think they know about aging and to stop blaming their genes for their health issues. There's no reason to live another day feeling tired and worn down. There's finally a natural way to recapture youth, and Younger Today provides the road map—no gadgets, gimmicks, or unnatural solutions required. In Younger Today, readers will discover the anti-aging secret that's been within our bodies all along: cellular health. When our bodies' cells are healthy, we're healthy, and Dr. Vincent Giampapa and Carol Alt are here to show readers how to make it happen. With a medical doctor and supermodel as their guides, readers will tap into an all-natural, cell-boosting lifestyle that restores that youthful glow and minimizes the signs of premature aging today. Filled with simple nutrition, exercise, and meditation strategies that slow aging at its roots, Younger Today is the ultimate resource for improved health at any age.<br/>Readers are urged to dive into Younger Today to:<br/>• Learn what cell-healthy foods to eat and when to eat them<br/>• Discover the all-natural nutrients that can slow down aging<br/>• Discover an exercise routine that benefits the body in minutes<br/>• Learn why stress ages us and how'
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    Vincent C. Giampapa and Carol Alt
    Genre Family, Health & Fitness
    Large Print 16 Pt Edition (Standard Large Print)
    Basic Health Publications, Inc.
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