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    Your Deepest Intent
    Your Deepest Intent
    Letters from the Infinite
    Deep in your soul lies something beyond all desires and motivations. It is your truest intent. Do you know what yours is at any moment in time? According to Rev. Deborah L. Johnson, this is your most important creative force. Through a series of letters revealed to her by Spirit, Your Deepest Intent takes you on a guided journey to Oneness. It navigates you through the peaks and valleys of inner excavation and outer integration to pure intent - the place where thoughts, words, and actions align, where cross-purposes are ended. ''Your intent arrives at the door before you do,'' she teaches. ''The energy is so strong that no matter how you try to hide or camouflage it, it will always shine, even in the dark.'' With Your Deepest Intent, readers will explore; ''Possibility consciousness''; how to relinquish your perceptions, transcend your expectations, and enter the flow of divine unfoldment How to be at peace with the process of living - including its complexities, nuances, and mysteries - to find the strength to take action and the fortitude to remain centered What it really takes to break the illusion of ''otherness'' and to integrate our spirituality into every aspect of life, from the most personal to our international affairs.
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    Rev. Deborah L. Johnson
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