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    American author and dramatist, Baum is famous as the creator of children’s classic tale, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (1900). The magic of Oz was continued in thirteen more novels; the final book, Glinda of Oz, being published posthumously. Baum started writing as a young boy and his early literary efforts included the initiation and publication of two magazines: The Rose Lawn Home Journal, and The Stamp Collector. He loved the theatre and acted in many plays under the name Louis F. Baum. He himself wrote several plays, of which The Maid of Arran is regarded as the best. Baum also edited and wrote for the Aberdeen Saturday Pioneer. Being a prolific writer, Baum wrote more than 60 books in his lifetime. Using several pen names like Edith Van Dyke, Floyd Akers, and Suzanne Metcalf, he penned several popular books including the Aunt Jane’s Nieces series, and the Boy Fortune Hunters’ series. His other books include Mother Goose in Prose (1897), Songs of Father Goose (1900), Dot and Tot of Merryland (1901), The Magical Monarch of Mo (1903), Queen Zixi of Ix (1905), and Sky Island (1912).

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    American author and dramatist and independent filmmaker, Baum is famous as the creator of children’s classic tales. In the wonderful world of Oz he amalgamated fantasy and reality. He was an avid fan of musicals and theaters and did work in this field as well.

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